You need to be 18 or older to participate in the poll, as mentioned above. One piece of this type of criticism is all that’s needed.

Take Taco Bell Survey

Your response will not be evaluated until all required fields are filled out. One answer per person is permitted for the survey. Using a different invoice number will require you to begin the survey from the beginning if you want to pause it before its finish and then choose to continue it at a later time.

Taco Bell, an American fast food brand, has its headquarters in the neighboring city of Irvine in California. Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and a variety of additional specialty and “value menu” options are available, among other Tex-Mex dishes. 

The parent company, Yum! Brands, Inc., owns them. More than two billion consumers are served each year by the seven thousand Taco Bell locations that are owned and operated by independent franchisees and licensees.

Take Taco Bell Survey

Tellthebell Survey Eligibility Criteria

  • Make sure you meet each of these requirements to participate in the TellTheBell survey:
  • The minimum age to participate, nevertheless, is 18.
  • Take part in the poll by obtaining a TellTheBell survey number from your restaurant receipt.

Take Taco Bell Survey

How To Complete Tellthebell Survey

  • When your web browser is open, type “” into the address bar.
  • To begin the survey, find the 16-digit number on your Taco Bell receipt and input it. Then, click the Start button.
  • You have three options for placing your order: at the counter, for takeaway, or via the drive-through.
  • We’re going to start a customer satisfaction survey soon, and it will include questions about your opinions on many aspects of your experience at the restaurant. Some examples of such aspects are the timeliness of your service, the cleanliness of the establishment, and the accuracy of your order.
  • After we finish talking about your previous experiences with the restaurant, we’ll ask you to briefly describe your most recent visit.
  • There will be a question asking whether you would want to enter the prize.
  • At the very end, you must provide your contact information, which includes your name, phone number, and email address.
  • Your entry for Taco Bell’s contest to win $500 in cash has been submitted.

Take Taco Bell Survey

Tellthebell Survey by Mail

Entering the event for free requires handwriting the following details on a basic 3.5 by 5 inch sheet of paper: first and last name, street address, city, state, zip code, phone number, email address, and birthday. After you’ve placed the correct postage in a business-size envelope, submit your donation.

Take Taco Bell Survey

Tellthebell Survey Rewards

Customers who take the time to complete the survey will be eligible to win the reward. The results will be sent to all lottery participants via email during the next three or four days.

If you get such letters, you will likely be required to personally verify your identity and place of residence. Upon surrendering these things to the proper authorities, they will provide you with a $500 check.

Take Taco Bell Survey

Final Words

Taco Bell is always available at your convenience. They welcome feedback from customers and are continuously looking to improve their service. We would much appreciate it if you could share your thoughts on your most recent Taco Bell experience. 

By just offering your opinions, you have the chance to join a $500 lottery and maybe assist them in identifying issue areas. If you want to increase your chances of winning $500 by completing the TellTheBell survey, we have some suggestions for you.

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